Help with writing

To win an award you have to convince the judges that you make the grade. We have seen companies do fantastic work, certainly deserving of awards, but win nothing.

Entering awards is like taking a test or writing a proposal; to get through to the finals, there is most likely a grading system which you need to align the content of your submission against.

Winning an award demands that a judge mouths the word “wow” while reading your entry, ideally more than once.

Finding and articulating this “wow factor” is an area where the Boost team excels – having written well over 1,000 award entries, we can spot a winning story, or just a nuance in an otherwise average story that could make it a winner. We can then make sure the judge cites this when asked, “Why did you give them the award?”

Our writing services include:

  • The full service: Taking complete ownership of writing your award entry from scratch, using available documentation and interviewing relevant stakeholders. More often than not, this also includes an element of evidence  gathering too.
  • Rewriting: Rewriting a good award submission for a subsequent award takes less time than it does from scratch. We can either take your draft and improve it, or rewrite an entry for another award.
  • Coaching or mentoring: If you have an employee who you want to do most of the writing, this is fine – we are happy to support them through the process.
  • Book-Ending: A popular service for people on a tight budget is our Book-Ending service. Here we help you plan and storyboard your entry, leave you to put together a first draft, and then we polish it if the budget allows.
  • Scripting presentations: Many of the most prestigious awards require a face-to-face presentation. See our Help with Presentations Page for full details of all the different ways we can help you amaze the judges.

A few important points here:

  • Our approach is to employ and train talented people who write with flair, and who think critically and strategically. Unsurprisingly, it takes a whole year to train a fully-fledged award consultant. We are the only company in the world to do this regarding award entry writing.
  • We are very honest about conflict of interest, confidentiality, and your chances of winning. See our ethics policy.
  • We have strong relationships with many awards organisers, often speaking at events, writing articles and running workshops. However, we draw the line at getting commission from, or co-owning awards.
  • We have a clear charging policy which is outlined here.
  • We will not reveal our involvement to awards organizers unless you ask us to. Although dozens of awards organizers recommend us to entrants, we still prefer to keep our involvement a secret – it is important you get all the credit.

In conclusion, we are very flexible and ethical about how we work with you. We will add value at every stage and are equally happy to take complete ownership or work collaboratively.

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