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It’s quite likely that you, or maybe your clients, are doing something that is of award-winning quality, but that is only half the story. Getting into the finals, and hopefully winning awards, is not about what you believe you have done well, but the impact your story has on the judges. These can be two very different things.

What we can do for you

Boost Awards has helped over 200 different companies, including over twenty FTSE 350 brands, enter awards.

As the world’s first ‘Award Entry Consultancy’, helping businesses enter awards successfully is what we do for a living – day in day out since June 2006 – and we have naturally become really rather good at it, even if we say so ourselves.

Our main three services (follow the links for more details) are:

  • Helping you plan your awards strategy: We can help you choose your best stories, impartially recommend suitable awards, and even set up an online Awards Planner and reminder emails for you to share with colleagues.
  • Helping you gather evidence to substantiate your entries: This often involves surveys, competitor analysis and data analysis.
  • Helping you prepare your award submissions: More often than not this involves writing an award entry document, but often involves designing supporting material, developing presentation scripts and slide decks, and even producing videos. You can hire us to help as much or as little as you like.

N.B. About 80% of submissions we are involved in get through to the finals and approximately 40% of submissions win awards (typically beating 20-100 other entries), so we cannot guarantee that our involvement will win you an award, but it will certainly maximise the impact your submission has on the judges.

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